Athlete of the Month


Kaylee Wells


For the month of August, we would like to select Kaylee Wells.  We have decided to choose Kaylee, because of her ‘determination’ during sports camp, in practice and on the court during our games.  She gives in 100 percent effort every time and show improvement in all areas of volleyball (skill-wise). Kaylee is known for her ‘rocket’, ‘drop’ and ‘funny-movement’ serves. In our first two games, Kaylee served 6 aces and delivered 4 kills.  Keep up the hard work!


Tiadra Vang


Tiadra Vang is the team’s catalyst.  She leads the team and knows all the plays. Tiadra's performance is very consistent and she has a lot of passion for the game. Tiadra will study/scout other teams to help us prepare for the next game.  She’s a great player and asset to the team.


Dominique Emerson


Dominque attended to all practices/games and tried her best every time she stepped on court. She was able to step up for our team when we needed her at end of the season.  We are looking forward seeing her grow into a great volleyball player. 

Tayte McCaskey.jpg


Tayte McCaskey

For the Month of August, we would like to select Tayte McCaskey Athlete of the Month. Tayte is an excellent student and demonstrates great potential as an athlete. Tayte possesses a great attitude and team spirit. He has played both Offense and Defense in numerous positions. Tayte consistently demonstrates hard work at practices and games, yet displays a healthy level of humbleness. He is willing to do anything asked of him by the coaches. I am very proud that Tayte is part of the KSD football team.

Zander Symansky.jpg


Zander Symansky

Zander is the Captain of the KSD Football Team. Zander is an outstanding athlete playing both Offense as a Quarterback and Halfback and Defense as a Linebacker. The coaches appreciate Zander’s leadership and encouragement of his players to get involved with their teammates. Zander is a senior and has worked extremely hard to model good teamwork. During the practices and games, Zander consistently encourages the team to use the skills learned in practice. Zander is a highly talented athlete, giving 110% at every practice and game. Zander has broken several individual and team records in 6-man football for Kansas School for the Deaf.

Jack Senior with transparent copy (1).pn


Montana Montoya

Montana has really worked hard in practice to be the best player both on Offense as a Center and End and Defense as a Defense Tackle and End. The coaches have appreciated Montana’s consistent performance in practice and during the games.  Montana demonstrates a lot of passion to his team and shows that he loves the game. He has helped his team break both individual and team records. Montana is a very hard hitting player. Other schools are afraid of his hitting! I am so proud of Montana. I have watched and helped develop his skills as great player since 7th grade. 


Jamaika Jones


Jamaika is a hard worker, helps other teammates, good listener, respectful, motivating and is always a positive person. Jamaika will show up to practice and give 110% of her effort in game or practice. We are grateful to have her on our team.


Taylor Wise 


Taylor is our top defensive player on the team. Taylor has blossomed on the offense side and averaged 6.3 rebounds. An outstanding student, she is the ideal role model for our student-athletes.


Tiadra Vang


Tiadra plays with a passion that you can’t teach. She controls the offense and she’s going to do all the little things that a lot of players don’t do. Tiadra love taking charges, playing defense and crashing the boards.


Sethan Rolofson


Sethan demonstates a great and humble attitude. I always call him, “Cool Sethan”. Sethan continually works very hard in practice to be the best player he can be. During our first game of the season against Christian Preporatory School, Sethan played very cool under pressure. The coaches are extremely proud of Sethan. I have watched Sethan and guided him to develop his skills as a great player since 7th grade. 


Tyler Mayfield


Tyler is a Senior at Kansas School for the Deaf and a player on the KSD Basketball Team. Tyler really worked hard to improve his techniques in  the beginning of basketball season. He showed his improvement a lot in guard positions, free throw, defense skills, etc. The coaches are extremely proud of Tyler.


Quentavis Reese


Quentavis really worked hard to improve his techniques. This month, Quentavis has shown the amazing attitude and commitment during practice and game. Quentavis has shown a lot of improvement in free throws, post plays, defense, dribbling, and passing.