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Athlete of the Month



Kasandra Rodriguez

She worked so hard and first year as team captain.  She had great sportsmanship and made the best positive influence for our team. Congratulations to her!



Dominique Emerson-Jones

 She made 86 kills and 137 attack attempts .  She worked hard and improved a lot this year! Congratulations to her!



Mykalah Little

 She broke Tabitha D's old record for digs. MyKalah made a new record 186 digs.  She also made 52 aces. She worked so hard and improved her performance this year.  Congratulations to her!



Mykalah Little

Tyler McCallum

During the practice of first basketball week Mykalah got hurt on her knee.  Next day she showed up and wanted to practice.  I told her that she needed to rest until her knee got better.  Few days later she worked hard at practice and was stubborn about running.   And she is willing to do anything for the team and help her teammates to have a positive attitude. Showed that she is a real leader.  

Tyler is a main contributor and consistent starter on the team. He is willing to do anything for the team and his teammates to become better on and off the court.

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