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Purpose: The purpose of the 1000 lbs. and 600 lbs. clubs is to acknowledge the physical achievement and dedication to student athletes


Overview: To become a “member” of the club, one must perform one repetition of a Squat, Bench Press, Power Clean and Deadlift. After all 4 lifts are successfully completed, the total weight lifted is added up. To be a member of the 600 lb (women) club, the total weight lifted must 600 lbs or greater. To be a member of the 1000 lb. club (open), the total weight lifted must be 1000 lbs or greater. All members of the club will receive a t‐shirt, and have their names listed on the website/ plague  

1000 lb. & 600 lb. Club Rules

Katja Grace- 605 lbs


Madison Welch- 610 lbs

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